Project description

Equal vehicle (EU L7e category) is designed as concept focused on disabled people and their needs - maximal individuality and integration to everday's life, maximum independence and maximum flexibility.

Ideal vehicle for everyday's needs, even extended posibilty of employment for disabled people to work for example as tourist guides, security patrol or delivery of products.

When it's not used by disabled person, it has a possibility to be used with two modular seats (in basic or extended equipment) for two people, which makes it ideal as 2nd or 3rd vehicle in the family. Also, with it's Zero emission and possible extensions of equipment it becomes ideal for rent in resorts, natural parks, cities and old city's centers, camping resorts, islands and services such as post, cleaning services, health care, police patrols etc.

EU Le7 category makes it available for driving to drivers from 16 years of age 'cause of it 50 km/h speed limit.

For all details of investment costs, don't hesitate to contact us.

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