Services we provide


Absolute Design has extensive professional experience in the development of various types of vehicles; from electric bicycles and tricycles to electric cars and other different kinds of vehicles that are driven on both land and water. The company is very capable, together with its partners, of supporting any project's development depending on client's needs, can cover the whole realization process of a vehicles of any kind and canprovide its clients with fully operational prototypes.


Absolute Design also has experience in development of wide range of industrial products; from simple products like packaging and sports equipment to more complex products like the high tech robots. The company's main focus, in product development, is to provide its clients with the design that serves its purpose well no matter the complexity of the product, to make it recognizable and to involve the client as much as possible into the process.


In all design areas the company’s workflow consists of research, sketching, exterior and interior design, engineering design, computer modeling, presentations, animations and making 1:1 functional prototypes.